The Entrepreneur

Science creates values for society

Even though my primary focus as a scientist at the Max-Planck-Institute for Colloids & Interfaces is directed at understanding fundamental aspects of glycobiology and to explore the the Glycomics-Universe, I find it highly attractive to investigate applied aspects that are enabled by breakthroughs in fundamental science where ever possible.

By creating automated oligosaccharide synthesis as a new platform technology and carbohydrate building blocks to fuel the instrument, rapid access to molecules that constitute interesting leads to develop much needed vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics has become possible. Other areas of current interest include continuos flow reaction processs and the creation of new materials. These more applied avenues help me to prepare the young scientists that train with me for careers in industry in addition to the academic route many of them chose after leaing my research operation.

Spinning off spin off start-up companies is a highly efficient way to create value for society and thereby to create a substantial return on the tax payers investment in basic research. Given the scope of recent discoveries, we have reason to believe that we witness the beginning of an exciting and prosperous time in the GlycoUniverse.

Two companies have been cofounded in the USA:

Further spin-off activities are currently underway.